▶️Fresh protests have flared in India against a contentious citizenship law, Saturday, December 21, 2019. The death toll has risen to 17 after demonstrations turned violent again on Friday.

👉Three people died during clashes between demonstrators and police in northern India on Saturday, raising the nationwide death toll in protests against a new citizenship law to 17.

O.P. Singh, the chief of police in Uttar Pradesh state, said the latest deaths have increased the death toll in the state to nine. “The number of fatalities may increase,” Singh said.

He did not give further details on the latest deaths.

Police said that over 600 people in the state have been taken into custody since Friday as part of “preventive action.”

Protesters are angered by a new law that allows Hindus, Christians and other religious minorities who are in India illegally to become citizens if they can show they were persecuted because of their religion in Muslim-majority Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The law does not apply to Muslims.(VOA)

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  1. We Indian Muslims want Separate Country…we want freedom from zionist Hindu fascist racist ideology…every single day 1 Muslim get killed and raped in India…even after 72 years Muslims are systematically treated like lower class minority…India has drastically failed in the name of secularism…India and israel got one agenda to wipeoff Muslims killed them…it's truth Muslims has no future in India…I'm applying for Pakistani citizenship thanks to Imran khan Pakistani prime minister

  2. MLK had a dream and led his people to even MORE misery in the US..Just like mandela who led South africa from a pearl to the rape capitol of the world…and Mr Gandhi. JUSTICE that these arrogant moralisers are NOW EATING the lie of multi culturalism. CHeers

  3. Western powers was pretty quick to condem hong Kong. Where are they now? Ted Cruz? Nancy Pelosi? Turning a blind eye? 29 deaths and counting… Your hypocrisy is disgusting

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  5. MODI the real 😈 devil of India

    Democracy dead
    Internet blocked
    Freedom of speech suppressed…

    UN must intervin to calm the situation…

  6. Listen to public government is for the peoples by the peoples police is getting salaries form this peoples taxes stop beating protesting peoples they are protesting peacefully


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