Triggering an Offline Conversion in Google Analytics can be accomplished with a bit of custom Tracking and the help of the Measurement Protocol, as we already discovered in our first video. In the second part of this series, let’s go through the step by step procedures on how to create a tag in Active Campaign so it can send the offline transaction to Google Analytics.

Part 1 of Offline Conversion tracking:

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  1. In the end

    could you please elaborate that whether we could track from which ads campaign and which marketing platform brought the sale from that user id?

  2. If you want to use with other CRM system you should probably add user agent parameter in encoded form:

    for example you can use this string:

  3. Good video, thanks Julian. How do we add other dynamic values to the MP webhook? I.e. a revenue value? For example the lead is submitted, a member of the sales team phones the lead, and in some cases converts them to a sale – at this point they can create the Tag to trigger the automation. When/how can we get other values in there? The price would have been decided on a case by case basis over the phone. So a hidden field in the form won't work.

  4. My tag just returns false. Is the js outdated? The variable preview shows the clientid but then when executed it doesn't push it to the form correctly, returns false.

  5. Hi, I'm currently stuck at 3:34. I can not add the custom javascript variable as GA keeps giving me this error:

    Unknown variable “UA-XXXXXXX-X” found in another variable. Edit the variable and remove the reference to the unknown variable.

  6. I'm getting the following error… Mixed Content: The page at 'https:/****' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. Is there a fix for this?

  7. the client id was loading in the field, but for some reason when I tested the form fill out with a test submission, the client id field was blank each time

  8. Hi, I created everything but in cliantid show me ''false'' (before hidden). GA work OK.

    Google Tag Manager show me:
    Variables – Windows Loaded: ''cjs – client id'' Custom JavaScrip – string – '2032165438.1566344480' (ClientId)
    Variables – DOM Ready: ''cjs – client id'' Custom JavaScrip – string – false
    Variables – Page View: ''cjs – client id'' Custom JavaScrip – string – false

    Do you have any suggestion?

    You have: Variables – DOM Ready: ''cjs – client id'' Custom JavaScrip – string – '244538684.1560259255' (ClientId)


  9. Love the video as always, Julian. I'm going to be trying out some versions of this implementation for my clients that aren't e-commerce based.


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