———–/ WARNING!!!!! ———
***Sometimes it doesn’t work for some reasons but mostly it does, You have to try for your locked rar
***I can’t help if it fails or files are corrupted after restore, this is an old program and it’s main purpose wasn’t to remove passwords anyway (there isn’t any easier tool that I know of so I’m sorry)

– This tutorial is for how to remove passwords in rar files with ARAR program.
Recommend to fallow the steps in video.

1.Open the program
2.Choose rar or zip by clicking […] button
3.Click Start Repair button and you are done

Extracted file are in in same folder with same name as the RAR is !

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  1. It does extract the files but all the file was damaged. Don't know if the files are broken from the start before extracting with this or this app didnt extract properly


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