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How to Install Google Adwords Conversion Tracking in WordPress explains conversions using Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking helps advertisers track website visitors and customers important actions such as purchases for Ecommerce sites, or phone calls for Call only Ads. to learn more about the different use cases for conversion tracking and how to set up this useful Google Adwords feature for your PPC campaigns visit the Google Adwords Help centre here:

How to install Conversion Tracking Code in WordPress Content Management System is part of the Google Adwords Tutorials video training playlist which you can watch here:

To learn how to connect Google Analytics to Google Adwords visit:

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  1. Excellent video. Once again, Tolga makes it simple and easy to setup conversion tracking on any website. Thank you sir.

  2. WRONG!!! If you put in footer, it'll count as a conversion every page you visit. lol. It should go only on the specific page you want to track .

  3. Hi there, I have added the code into the footer above </body> closing tag, not sure if this will work with contact form 7 when the send button is clicked, or is there another way to do this. As i saw on google instructions there is an on-click code.

  4. hi Sir, i must say your videos are getting better and better 🙂 besides that i woul like to request an video example of your answer how to add conditional logic in the footer so the conversion code only targets specific page. I hope you have the chance to respond soon 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    Adding the conversion tracking code with a standard and static value for each transaction is a relatively easy task.
    The difficulty lies in adding the conversion tracking when the value is different each time, for example in an eshop.
    A video explaining this would be perfect.

  6. If you add the code above </body> in footer.php, isn't that adding the code to the entire site? How do you add the code to just one specific page, such as a Thank You page after a purchase is made.


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