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Hero Power 600 (equipment and talents in beginning of video)

[Weapons Breakdown]

Twin-Axes – Best against armored enemies, able to one-shot stormvermin with one strong attack and one push-attack (if both axes hit), as well as 2-3 shotting chaos warriors. VERY handy against shield-wielding stormvermin, able to quickly break their guard in two light-hits and ending them with a strong attack (9:14, 13:25, 17:44)

1H Hammer – Amazing for horde CC and reviving teammates (as it has the highest stamina for Slayer weapons). Try to leap IN FRONT of the horde while blocking, then begin the 3-hit swing combo, ending with the push-attack that counts as your 4th swing, and repeat.

[General Tips]

– When leaping towards a horde, aim for the FRONT of them so you don’t get surrounded and dead. Use of the 2-handed hammer/axe, or 1-handed hammer is best for this due to the insane CC.

– Temporary health on kills is a must, especially for the kind of crowd clearing you want to do (expect to get hit, you got the balls to play Slayer, after all)

– Be mindful when leaping towards certain enemies so that your ranged teammates don’t FF you by mistake

– Dodge, dodge, dodge! Practice and improve your dodging and weaving vs. hordes and elites (pretty general of a tip as it gets, seeing as its important for every character)

– Against bosses, always try for the charge attack on the twin-axes. Try to switch quickly between your axes and 1h hammer when you pull their aggro, then go ham when its targeting your teammate (13:55)

– Adding to that, use your leap to ESCAPE when cornered by the boss (you will jump through them when doing this)

– Specifically for Chaos Spawns, dodge left to avoid its tentacle-grab attack (14:56)

– Watch out for stairs / inclines when leaping. Lol (24:16)

Not quite ready for Legend difficulty (my go-to is Footknight for that), but Slayer is my favorite subclass for sure. Some of the most fun in Vermintide i’ve ever had.

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  1. There are many who main slayers that do this on legend, and by that i mean solo runs without bots . Don’t get me wrong but judging from how long the game has been out, people are so good nowadays that they wont brother watching a champ level video for tips. What i mean is that i don't think you should be calling it high level gameplay when at this point in time, only legend and cataclysm are regarded as such.

  2. high level…what? Were you referring to BEING high during this? Because this was NOT high level anything. What were you doing playing on recruit? O.o I saw more healing in this level then I've seen on Verteran. Not to mention you were running the fuck away from your team constantly, instead of sticking with them. This is just bad play and hopefully people aren't actually learning from you…or maybe they are…and that's why teams never stick together like they should most of the time…smh…

  3. Is the only difference between the 2h hammer and the 1h hammer the stanima? I know you get a little more with the 1h, but you can smash shields with one hit with the 2h. I was never really a fan of the attack sequence for the 1h. What are the main reasons for using a 1h instead of a 2h?

  4. I love playing slayer but I've been having a difficult time. Your videos help a lot and thanks for the short guide in the description. Great video! Hope you keep uploading!

  5. Great video, makes me wanna play slayer. I still think they need to add health/ammo right before the boss fight like with every other boss fight. It's too long a level to not get to recoup before the boss.

  6. Thanks you King Slayer-Dwarf!!!
    you teach me much thing ( with out commentary <3 )
    I hope see you on other video with legendary difficulty, than i can give you other like 😛


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