At least 50 percent of the workforce should continue working at home, which will contribute to social distancing on the streets and in the buildings of New York City. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. So the virus is not allowed to enter my mouth if I paid good money for it. I like it. Hope the virus obeys your rule.

  2. This fcking moron is a propaganda message machine for an impeached orange pumpkin who is done in 2020 and jail in 2021!!!!!! Get use to snowflakes!!!!!! Need a hug?????

  3. Got to say the more I listen to you Sean, on youtube, or your radio show. The more I see you as an enemy to the constitution. You are promoting an authoritarian government, aka "new norm" oh but temporary. When have new norms only been temporary? Miss me with that garbage.

    Also I have heard you repeatedly state on your radio show. That my home state, idaho, is no longer in a lock down, and that we have suspended the stay at home orders. That sir is fake news, and spreading false information. Idaho's stay at home order was extended on the 15th, till April 30th. Only very strictly loosening restrictions on non-essential businesses to "reopen". Only allowing curb side or delivery accommodations. Really no difference. We are still in full lockdown, or stay at home orders, are still in full effect. Hypocrite… you are all fake news!! Spreading lies, and false information.

  4. ❤️ What About Thumb Print Check-In ❤️ At Our Voting Booths ? 👮‍♀️ Done In Front Of Uniformed 👮 Police Officers👮‍♀️ Before Allowed To Enter Voting Booths????? ❤️ Or Facial Recognition? ❤️ ?????? Prior To Entry To Voting Booth??????? 🎫 Along With Voter ID 🎫 ••• Proof Of CitizenShip ••• 🎫

  5. So you can’t get in the game because you have a temp, so you walk the streets of NEW YORK sick smh hannity your a dumbass

  6. This is a disgrace. I can't wait until Jesus comes back and beats the Hell into Satan and everyone who follows him! There is only 1God The father in Heaven with his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit Who are One, And who lives for Ever and Ever for all eternity in Heaven With his children who love and follow him.🙏💜 Thank you Jesus Christ for taking my punishment, the one that I deserve, Not you, ME!! I Deserve being Beaten beyond recognition, humiliated, Tortured, spit on. I should be the one that was hung from that cross. Not You, my Lord, Me!!! But the amazing love that you have for your Children, You came down from Heaven as Man To suffer and die on the cross, because there was no other way to be saved and enter into heaven. God knew this, that's why he sent his Only son JESUS CHRIST to suffer on a cross and die for his children. Because without this shed of his blood there is no remission of sin. Now that is Perfect LOVE. there is no greater love than someone giving their owne life for another person. Lord Please forgive me for all of my sins, all of my iniquities, and my transgressions. I'm so sorry for everything I've done to hurt you Lord God My Father. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus I cannot thank you enough I can say thank you every second of every second of my entire life And doing everything according to your word. That would still never or could never be enough for what you have done for me, and everyone in this world! Jesus Christ, king of kings. Lord of lords. God over everything!🙏🙏 Please repent of your sins and give your life to Jesus Christ before it's too late.

  7. The fatass governor of Illinois keeps blaming Trump for the states supposed "lack" of gowns and masks and ventilators. And has said he won't open the state on May 1. Politics and lies!

  8. It’s simple. You are healthy go work, feel sick stay home, have health conditions stay home, can do you work from home work remotely. We know how to take care of ourselves. Say no to ANY TYPE OF DICTATORSHIP. These mandatory measures always happened when gov regimes are about to collapse – read in any History 📚 book.

  9. They can open Yankee stadium,there just won't be anyone in it,except this idiot Hannity.He can sit there for ten years,no one will miss him.

  10. Whats up with this " I wanna go to a game" "I wanna see the stadiums open" in the middle of a public health crisis?!! Little perspective and re evaluate the priorities please! Medical Professionals are exhausted and risking their lives..and meanwhile some people with their first world problems like "i want a hair cut" "i want to go fishing" and of course protesting and blocking the way for ambulances. it is IMPOSSIBLE to test everyone coming for a game. And the vendors whoever tested negative today can become positive tomorrow. IF any of these people caught the infection because of their stupid choices, they better not go to hospitals and strain the healthcare system.

  11. We have to change our way of life and stop consuming because everything you buy comes from the earth and it destroys nature. there is no need of luxuries to be happy, feeling secure is what make us happy !

  12. whew am so glad the democratic hoax didn't infect the pork factory workers in south Dakota cause if that were true then they should be held accountable even though the state didn't suggest safer measures. let's hope everyone will enjoy their corona ham and bacon if they can find any…

  13. Hannity didn't even graduate from college and he has metals on his lapels lol….Like Rush Limbaugh, he barely made it out of High School. Like that secretary for Trump who use to appear on Fox. Her alma mater was High School. Smart ppl on fox.

  14. Anything using authoritarian policies and broad, sweeping government intervention in people's lives will be supported by democrats.


  16. Watch this…Not only will I wear a mask and gloves, I am going to wear goggles, a bullet proof vest, a life jacket, a hard hat and an airbag..oh and I better not forget my sound blocking earmuffs, too so I don't hear how RIDICULOUS this is! 🙄

  17. F’n ridiculous. Lot of people staying silent at the moment to see how this played out, who will not give up their liberties for an obvious hoaxing globalist agenda.

  18. Sounds llike hannity has gone full regimeist ! You commie sob . Liberty is more important than saftey , men and woman board boats and planes everyday and head to the most danerous places on earth to keep me free and ill be fkd if ill just give it up so i dont catch the flu !!



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