Google adwords preview: How to sign up for a google adwords account in 3 easy steps
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Google adwords preview

If you have ever wanted to advertise your local business using the Google Adwords preview program, this article will show you how to create an Adwords account in three easy steps. It should take you not more than ten minutes to set up a new account. Go to and follow these preview or steps.

Google adwords preview:
Step 1 Create an account
1. Create Google account: this is where you create a new account. Google asks you if
a) you have an email account and password that you use with its other services like Adsense, Gmail, Orkut or iGoogle or
b) you do not use these services

2. Chose the second option b) to create a new account.
• Choose an email address name
• Type in a password
• Re-enter your password
• Fill in the captcha section
• Click ‘Create account’

Step 2 Set Time Zone and Currency
Note that you cannot change your time zone and currency and they remain permanent so think carefully as you choose them
• Choose your time zone by selecting your preferred country and the right time zone for your location in the country
• Choose the currency you would like to use to pay Google and the one Google will use to display all money values in your account
• Click ‘Create’

Step 3 Verify Account
Google congratulates you on opening your new Adwords account and requests you to open your email to click on the confirmation link they have sent you. They do this to make sure that the email address you provided is correct.
• Go to your email account, open your inbox and click on the verification link sent by Google
• Google confirms that your email address is correct and that your Adwords account is now active.

You can now go ahead create advertisements and simply follow our Google Adwords preview that will drive traffic to your local business website.


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