Google Ads Support Phone Number: 1-866-246-6453
Google Adwords Support Phone Number: 1-866-246-6453
Help with Google Ads Support. Google adwords refund program. Google Ads Sucks. 2019 Google Class Action for Google Ads/Adwords location settings.
Adwords support sucks. The reporting system in Google Ads seems to be made in such a way as to keep you from getting the information you actually need to protect yourself from Google Ads itself.
Advanced locations settings are being ignored and users outside of the target area are being served ads. Once these ads are clicked they do NOT get added to the list of “invalid clicks”. and you are charged for the junk click. This is criminal at worst and unethical at best. Advanced Google Ads Campaign settings for Geo Targeting locations ignored for overcharge refund.

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  1. Hey, I think you should select "People in your target location" under target heading. 1:33 second for reference

    Right now you have selected an option for excluded location, which you did not provide nor do you need to.

  2. Same thing happened to me, I had a budget of $150.00 per day and in just 7 clicks in one single day the total accumulate was higher than my budget, google ad rep said that it was because the percentage of impressions and I said: how do you dare to tell me that when I have an expert campaign and I set up to don't spend more than 12 dollars per day???? He didn't know what to answer me and I simply hanged up the call, the next that I did was call to my BANK to give the order to block to Google from charge me and OH SURPRISE! MY BANK REPRESENTATIVE TOLD ME THAT SHE HAS RECEIVED A LOT OF CALLS FROM ANOTHER BANK CUSTOMERS WITH THE SAME ISSUE REQUESTING THE SAME and that finished for confirm my suspicious, Google and Yelp ads and both scam companies. So people I just can recommend you to use the old strategy to do marketing and is person to person. There is nothing like that.

  3. Just happend to me i'm in the Uk, I have a target audience in the SE of the country only but I just had in the space of 1 hour 68 clicks all from New york, I don't even go abroad.!!!!

  4. Adwords as Google Ads does not work so how it should must be work and the support to a Real Human by email is almost gone and they should Listen more to clients who are complains and they must do take action and not only say to clients we take it serious and goodby, but that is not the main problem for internet users, the main problem is many internet users or business starters [they get no traffic to sites] or [they get useless fake traffic to sites] – Google Search Engines and other Search Engines should have the responsibility to do more to prevent [seo fraud],[negative seo],[ranking fraud!!!],[click fraud],[ad fraud],[bid fraud] – there is a way +-90% to solved this problem so that anybody get [real traffic to sites] > [google search results] and [internet search results] must be changed for example if the users can do Have Better google Search Results based on more Categories + Checkbox Search Results > [all] , [only Homepages] , [only subsites] , [only subdomains] , [SiteRankValue 2k to 3m] – [site-ages 2y to 3y] more Categories > all,images,Videos,forums, software,windows,macintosh,linux,android,articles,encyclopedia,questions,answers,science,and many more – With More Categories + Checkbox Search Results it is Harder for ClickFarms to Producing Repeated Fraudulent Clicks! (ClickFarms and Competitions do not like this Method!) – -> the Pros of this Method is: 1 – [Fake Traffic to sites] will become [+-90%Better/Real Traffic to sites] 2 – for Internet Users > Better Search Results Leads to Better Prevention against Fraud 3 – And for Advertisers > they can choose, i want to place ads on Who do Search in [Country-Area] and on Categories [Software]+[Windows]+SiteRankValue between [2K to 3M] + …

  5. Google ads is a Joke! They rip you off every direction you turn. A money hungry Monopoly that needs to answer antitrust laws. I won't even start to mention what they did when I wasted thousands of dollars with them. One of the largest corporations in the world on a mission to SCREW their customers.

  6. You dumb ass have you not seen the option to show"people only in your targeted location", that would have save all that money spent on that useless click because u either didn't check or too dump to read

  7. The Robo calls coming from Google Google partners they call me about my Google ad free listing on Maps and I cannot tell you all the scams they try to get me to pay $149 to activate my free listing there are many more scams I could go on about I am slowly learning as Seo and I strive to learn more and more each day…..SEO rules the world!!!!!

  8. Check out this article for WSJ about Google's click fraud scheme. They're being sued right now, but that doesn't really mean anything in this country.

  9. I see the problem Craig. Instead of People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations (recommended). You should of CHOSEN, "People in your targeted locations." You want your customers to be inside your targeted locations. I made the very same mistake because the reps. aka google tell you to choose the recommended one! However, you are right on google adwords is a scam in so many ways! I was clicked by someone yesterday that was not in my targeted locations and was charged. I have the right function which is: PEOPLE IN YOUR TARGETED LOCATIONS. Every time I call google adwords the reps from Indian MOST don't know how to run any campaign and they make it very hard to get your money back when indeed it is google in the wrong! I tell them if I have to get an attorney to get my money back I will. Some times that works if you just keep on asking for a supervisor to take over your call but the rep. will fight you on this because it is bad for the reps. image! The reps can not credit you back bu the supervisor can. Don't do adwords it is set up as a scam and a total rip off. The only people who are very successful are the million dollar and billion dollar Freemason companies worldwide and google is Freemason and is only their friend!! Google is a beast that will chew off your head aka and destroy your business or most offend take your money out of your bank account though plenty of scam loop holds!!! I have spoken to many business owner who end up leaving adwords because instead of earning money, Google takes of with it without any problems! Google has to much power over the world this is the very reason they get away with it.

  10. Also, this needs to be shared – Less than 500 views?? Any lawyers out there who want to take on Google. This definitely a class action law suite cooking.

  11. Yeah, the infinite customer services loop. They told me I would be refunded…but now I'm blocked and I can't even talk to anyone.

  12. I paid $1000 for about 500 clicks. When I look closer at the users demographics in Google's Analytics, they were all on for 0 seconds…

  13. Google Ads as Adwords (the Google Employers) and the Biggers Search Engines Need to Learn that they have the Responsibility to Prevent Click Fraud as free Service and they (Adwords) need to Inform the Advertisers Before and not After that they Should use a Click Fraud Prevention Company, without this it is a fact that Google Ads as Adwords (the Invalid Clicks) Does Not Work, In Long Term Google Will be Broke by Massive Claims [Hurting the Economy 1$-Loosing will become Helping the Economy by 100$-Winning and the money does flow] [Fake Traffic to Sites will become Real Traffic to Sites ] – [Fake PPC Clicks will become to Real PPC Clicks!]

  14. I have the same problems with the Location targeting. Google continues to show my AD to people outside my requested target area . ..

  15. Dude I set up 3 campaigns and they take forever to be approved like days. By the time it gets approved I'm no longer interested in selling my product.

  16. Google ads is a scam, do not track false click, have not got any refund for about 500 false click who according to my tracking software spend 0 sek on the page..


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