Replacement Lenovo Gamer Notebook , ideapad 15ISK series Laptop Double Fan.
step by step Tutorial Disassembly Fan Cleaning Lenovo 700 Series Laptop Repair Replacement Keyboard Housing, Mainboard Replace Tutorial (Guide) , Motherboard installation
This Video shows how to replace / Remove Lenovo 700-15Isk Series Change Touchpad , matherboard.
Model no: 15ISK 80RU
fix a high Temperatur Problem
Intel i3 , 15 , i7 , Amd , Nvidia Optimus GTX
Change installation HDD ,matherboard, Ram,Keyboard,Drive

extra Detailed Upgrade Ram ,HDD +SSD Video

You are performing this repair at YOUR OWN RISK!!!


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  1. How can I put the termiche paste on the cpu without disassembling all the pc ? Could you send me / make a video ? And is it possibile to connect a external gpu on this laptop ? ( gaming gpu) and which should be this gpu ?

  2. I have a question … my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 700 battery is defective causing my laptop to shutdown from time to time so i took off the battery and since that time the laptop is working fine .. SO can a good technician repair my battery or i must replace it by a new one ????

  3. Great video, thank you very much, you have helped me really a lot. I have a further question: is it possible to change the gpu? I guess I already know the answer, but I want to be sure.

  4. wow thanks! I'm having a lot of issues with the keyboard and I read that it was the connector but I didn't know where it was, thanks!

  5. What's the blue plastic tool you used to open the back cover called? Would love to get one so I can avoid scratching my back panel..

  6. Cooles Video! Ist Dir bekannt, wo der Schalter für den Monitordeckel liegt? (Der den Ruhezustand auslöst, wenn der Deckel geschlossen wird) Bei meinem Gerät spinnt der Schalter und schaltet das Notebook im laufenden Betrieb aufgeklappt in den Ruhezustand. Ich will den Schalter jetzt deaktivieren. Ich brauche den nicht.

  7. Is the chip near cmos and ram that is covered by metal is northbridge? It is overheating and squeaking, then my laptop turns off. How can I fix it?

  8. Hi could you please make a video disassbly of the screen? In particular, the silver frame pops out but I haven't been able to remove it completely. Thanks!

  9. Раньше у меня был Asus 1215N, у него был божественный тачпад, в то же время он просто ужасен. Вы много понимаете, какой ноутбук вы видели в худшем тачпаде?

  10. Возможно ли сделать нажатие клавиши менее жестким в этом ноутбуке?

  11. Since the last time I cleaned, I dissasembled the whole cooler. It makes a weird grinding noise now. Any chance you know what did I do wrong? Tnx

  12. Is there a way to change the CPU thermal paste without disassemble the whole thing?

  13. Can I ask you what what color order the wires in the power jack have? I bought an ideapad 700 motherboard and I need a power jack for it

  14. Can i replace keyboard without full disassemble? Looks like i can just pop the front cover after screwing out the screws in the back cover

  15. I've just cleaned up my laptop. The only thing I needed to do was to unscrew the main case, unplug battery and fan, and then unscrew cooling solution. I was surprised that there were no thermal pads between vRAM and cooling. Unfortunately I don't own any at the moment so I've let it as it was before.
    Maybe it was necessary only in GTX 960M model. I have 80RU with i5-6300HQ and GTX 950M.
    Thank you for this video.

  16. ok i give up on the research for upgrades these are the spec of my laptop can you help me or send me to someone who can any advice is welcome
    Computer model TOSHIBA Satellite L875D notebook
    Processor AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
    Memory Capacity 8.0GB
    Video card AMD Radeon HD 7520G
    Hard disk TOSHIBA MK6475GSX (640GB)
    Motherboard plcsc8
    Adapter Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
    Audio 1, Realtek High Definition Audio
    2, AMD High Definition Audio Device
    Monitor Compaq WF1907 Resolution:1440×900
    Current OS Windows 7 64 bit [6.1.7601]?

  17. hi, if i only want to replace the keyboard, how to do? what is the position of the screw of keyboard?

  18. Hello I have the same laptop.. but when I go to bios and change the graphics from "uma only" to "Discrete" the fans gets load and I get a blue screen error… could u please help me

  19. Hello, much easier to use Compressed Air.
    Not a single screw is unscrewed.
    The process with the compressor takes a maximum of only 5 seconds.
    After that the laptop is so clean, you never make it with the toothbrush or brush.
    I've cleaned this already 1000 times.
    The gameing laptop is blown out with me once a month.

    Thanks for your video.


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