Fortnite 8GB VS 4GB Laptop Pentium VS older i3

Shot and edited in 4K on iPhone 7

Both laptops are running full screen at 720 resolution the settings used are in the video.

on the left red HP i3 i3-4030U (2014) with 8GB Ram 1TB HDD


On the right white Lenovo 320S 4415U (2017) with 4GB Ram and 128GB SSD

Lenovo: My son is on the right with his Gaming mouse, keyboard and Headphones.

HP: I am on the left with Xbox one controller.

The HP monitor is bigger and slightly better quality than the Lenovo. It looks worse because of the angle the monitor was at when filming.

The HP looked a bit smoother throughout even though the Hard drive is much slower and the Processor is older and slower.

The 8GB ram seems to make the most difference here.

i3-4030U 1.9Ghz 2 core 4 threads Intel HD4400 graphics
Pentium 4415U 2.3Ghz 2 core 4 threads Intel HD610 graphics

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