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#chocoTaco hot drops solo in Mylta on #Erangel, but it’s luke warm at best. He owns with the UZI, though, against bad guys with a few different ARs, and he runs a guy in a UAZ down with a buggy and makes quick work of him with the very same UZI. Then he chases down an air drop and gets an M249, so the UZI must go, and he also acquires a 15x, which goes on his Mini14. But even the Mini doesn’t last long; choco kills a guy camping in a garage and gets a Mk14 as a reward. Geared out of his gourd, he gets some impressive kills, including one taps and deleting a guy out of a mid-air bike flip. A bizarre final circle around the bridge near Georgopol sets choco running for the rocks, and the final silly man pushes him. Pushes a guy with an M249, yes. The rest is history. #PUBG

You can go to the Twitch VOD and see the full game here: , or see choco stream LIVE at

Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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  1. They should add a beastly sub-gun in care packages. Like something that really just tears people up at close and medium range. Takes 45ACP.

  2. Choco sick kills : calm
    Some random streamer normal pan kill vs a naked guy that just landed : OOHIOOWAAAOOWWWUHH SOMBODI CLIB DAT HWUHEHUEHUEHUEW

  3. Choco great video….bro for me pubg is very difficult😂….my longest survival is only 10mins😂😂😂😂😂

  4. If I have a chance I always check the drop, even when it looks looted. The amount of times I find guns or even armor is staggering. Of course I don’t loot if it’s dangerous but given the chance, I say go for it

  5. wish you could teach me to see shit… i swear im blind…., ok in tight spaces but once I have to aim more then like 30m i suck

  6. I'm the guy who died while jumping the bike. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Video of my view:


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