Age of Mythology is a real time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios. It brings players back to a time when gods influenced the lives of mortals.

The expansion pack Age of Mythology Titans lets you play as Gaia, Kronos or Oranous and adds some extra features.

Look down in the description (way down) for problems or errors that you may have.

For Mac 10.15: Work still in progress…

For Mac 10.13 to 10.14:

Filename: Age of Mythology Titans with Golden Gift v1.0.4
Filesize: 1.2GB
MD5 Checksum: 76f4409bdf3b7195495d80866d6b22cd

For Mac 10.12 and below:

Filename: Age of Mythology Titans with Golden Gift v1.0.3
Filesize: 1.218GB
MD5 Checksum: acc518b409f27804afd914f035d16923

(Google Drive):

*All above is direct download from the website.
*Notes on what links to click, etc. is found below. (Notes on downloading)

*IMPORTANT: Some people have said that they are downloading nonsense files. Only download the file that has the filename “Age of Mythology Titans with Golden Gift” and a filesize of 1.218GB. When downloading it is best to be careful about clicking ads. That is why I have the “Notes on downloading” section down there to help choose the correct link and not the ads link.

I know for a fact that Genieo.dmg is a spam/virus/adware/something bad so please don’t download that. (Don’t open it either)

Please make sure to click on the correct button. I’ve got many people saying that they downloaded some nonsense file. Don’t press anything that says “You have won” or “Earn $$$ fast” or “Fast download” or “Premium” or something because those are viruses/spam/useless stuff. (This does not go only for my download links but for all the download links in the world.) Be careful of ads.

Notes on downloading:

* (Adfly) Wait 5 seconds and press the SKIP AD button on the top right of the screen.
* (MEGA) Once it’s open, click the blue “Download to your browser” hyperlink. It will start downloading.

* (Google Drive) Once it’s open, there will be a sign saying “The file cannot be previewed” (Obviously since it’s a zip file). After you click download, there will be another window saying that Google cannot scan the file for viruses since it’s too large. Just download it.

* (Turbobit) Once the link is opened, click the grey “Regular Download” button. Then near the right side of the page input a captcha code. Then press download.


1. Unzip the file (Using the built-in app “Archive Manager” on the mac)
2. Double click the icon that comes out
3. Wait for around 20 seconds.
4. The screen will “glitch” but when you see the ensemble logo/glitch starts moving press “esc”
5. Wait for another 20 seconds.
6. Yay!
*If the mouse doesn’t appear the first time, quit the game (Command + Alt + Escape) and restart it. This fixes the problem.

For other technical stuffs, like changing screen resolution, making it fullscreen, right clicking, etc. and errors that may occur and troubleshooting visit my site. (Posted 6 lines down) (It contains the full video description)

*I did this since youtube has a word limit on descriptions and i passed it. So I just moved the errors and other technical stuff there.

The site:

You can turn on captions which is beside the settings icon at the bottom right of the video.

(The video simply shows that AoM Titans works on the mac.)

Any problems/comments/suggestions email me at “”


Have fun playing! 😀

If you’re happy and want to donate go here:
and press the Paypal Donate Button

Thanks so much! :D:D:D


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