50 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured in just 24 hours in protests against the US embassy moving to Jerusalem. Alex Rossi was right in the middle of the deadliest protests in Gaza for years.

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  1. Israel focusing on development.. meanwhile palistine verse versa.. soon ISrael will win! I stand with Israel forever

  2. Both sides within this conflict are wrong, stop glorifying Israel or Palestine, both have committed crimes, and both have more or less illegitimate claims to the land.

  3. Stupid israel started this crime war first…. The country is established as Palestine by the map & world, where 'Israel' came from?? Who created Israel? It is a sudden…. Haha

  4. Molotov cocktails are Russian introduced to the Holy Land by ASHKENAZIE Jews. The sling shots however are AUTHENTIC biblical history from the Bible with the story of King David. That's the original HOLY LAND history of warfare the Palestinians use …the use of the slingshot. ASHKENAZIES are from Russia. They are the IDF MILITARY that has no knowledge of the Holy Land to destroy it with Molotov cocktails they've introduced as warfare from Russia.. That BRITISH interpreter does not have his facts straight.

  5. Let a day come, where no countries, no boarders., No passports no visas.
    This planet gave us to live. Let the all the people move freely through out the globe n settle .

  6. BBC. Sky news. Channel 4. All one and the same leftist pro Muslim anti Semitic channels! Enjoying your islamisation Britain?? Lol.😂😂👍👍


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