This lens has recently been replaced by Canon’s new 24-70mm f/2.8 USM ‘L’ Mark ii – and so now you can find the original for a much more reasonable price. It’s an older lens now, so how does it shape up on a couple of 20 megapixel digital cameras?

First video to feature my new Canon 70D! It is absolutely fantastic.

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All pictures and footage taken by me on Canon 6D and 70D cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Hi Cristopher, Tanks for your reviews. Please tell me, Which one would you choose betwen 24-105 f4 II / 24-70 2.8 I?

  2. I know this lens is quite outdated now, but that also means there are some good 2nd hand finds. I have seen it a couple of times for around $300. What would be considered a good price for this lens nowadays?

  3. Is better choice Tamron AF SP 28-75mm f/2,8 XR Di LD (IF) Asp. Macro ?? Used cost 1/2 of this Canon used one. Does it have even 90% of its, please? (Sharpness, contrast, chromatic aberration)

  4. I can't believe that. I have both 24-70 and 24-105 for long time. i don't see the 24-70 has low contrast level, and my corners look so much better than yours. sharpness is almost the same as my 24-105 wish is quite good. Some 24-70s have bad copy issue.

  5. i have a few L lens i find myself shooting with the 24-70 2.8L i love the images this lens produces! i have all the prime lens but i love the versatility. i shoot most the time at 2.8F

  6. This is actually the 3rd L lens in this basic range in the f2.8 prpfessional lenses from Canon. I once owned the 28-80 f2.8L which was slow but one of the sharpest lenses ever made nicknamed "the smaller magic drain pipe" and it was replaced by the 28-70L which has major problems these days. If you ever get a chance to review a magic drain pipe such as the smaller (28-80L) and the larger (80-200L) absolutely go for it, you will have fun with those ancient lenses!

  7. Hi chris, i have this lens, it used my with my 5d mk ii, now i sold my camera and bought 80D, DO you recommend keeping this lens ? or to use the 18-135 IS USM ?

  8. Hi Christopher,

    I would like to become wedding photo and videographer.

    Could you give me some lens recommendation between Canon 24 – 70 f2.8 , Canon 24-105 F4 IS or Tamron 24 – 70 F2.8 VC?

    Many many thanks!!

    Love from Indonesia!!


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