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  1. Hi Wolfgang,
    I have a T450. How far can I push the upgrades. It had 8GB RAM, 256 SSD and an Intel Core i5-5300U.
    I want to use as my main computer since I don't have a desktop for now. I want to buy a monitor and use it for not so heavy video edits and programming.

  2. i just bought an x1 carbon g2. i5/8/128 with TN HD+ display for 220 USD. was it a good deal? i'll replace the screen with an IPS one, because TN is trash 😀

  3. I'll stick with my upgraded T440p. Its a beast, I like that it fully user servicable. Lots of spares on ebay and the like, not that i have needed them but its good to know they are there.

  4. I really like your observation!
    I really was reluctant about the T440p. I understand why sometimes going for the older machine can be advantageous, but going for the lower-hanging fruit isn't worth it most of the time in my opinion. Especially if you're not a poor student.

  5. what lenovo laptop do u think would be the best one for music making and would last me longest?
    Money not being an issue and single core performance being VERY important

  6. I have Thinkpad T480 for a nearly 2 years as work laptop. I can't complain about the laptop itself, but the new docking stations are terrible.

    It's the first model with this new design. They tried to mimic the HP docking station design, but they haven't done a good job. Its hard to align the laptop to snap correctly. In HPs (it was my previous laptop) the station has 2 big round pegs for alignment and charging so it was a piece of cake, even without looking at it. With Thinkpad station you need to align the edge of it with a barely visible marker on the station. Even if you align it properly and move the locking "lever" to connect the laptop you might have big troubles to get a good contact. Usually it takes 2-3 attempts to make it fully working.
    On top of that after a month or so, I had issue that it practically speaking stopped working. Only the VGA and on-board display were working and the station wasn't charging the laptop at all.
    The customer service was pretty nice. I told the problem I had and they sent me a brand new one right away and I only had to send back the old one with the delivery details they sent me with the station.
    After 4 hours of using the new station the same issue occurred.. Nonetheless I figured out a "workaround" for that. I had to unplug everything from the docking station and literally shake it like a madman for a few seconds (my coworkers really enjoyed the show every time). Afterwards everything worked fine again. At the end after I updated firmware of the station around 6 months ago, the issue no longer occurs.

  7. PSA: If you want the laptop a eGPU alone, the T480 only has 2x PCIe lanes, which can affect the performance. If you want 4x PCIe lanes, you should buy the slimmer X series (X1 Carbon for example), or the bulkier but more powerful P series (P50 for example, which is pretty good value)

  8. I was lucky to find brand new T480 and got the 72Whr battery separately, I charge it every 3 days it's a battery monster.
    Mind you I paid $1k for laptop and $70 for the battery, but I couldn't be happier.
    Base i5 16GB RAM 1TB NVMe SSD, FHD panel.

  9. Here in Brazil the t480 is expensive as hell, it's like 5x expensive than t440p I was about to buy a t440p i5. But now I'm starting think more about it. Is it still worth? I've already have a gamer pc. This is laptop would be for studying and job (mobile device).

  10. That there is not much headroom for undervolting the i7-4702MQ is logical. Even in boost mode my i7-4702MQ stays below 1V in the region of 0.95V . That's pretty good for a processor that came out 7 years ago! It is pretty lame that Intel didn't achieve more within 4 years.

    I'm in the process to replace my T440p with a e480. In my opinion it is more interesting than the T480. Being able to install a M2 2280 SSD and a 2.5" SSD is a big plus.

  11. I have a T450 that is serving me well, but the T480 is definitely going to be my next laptop (unless I become rich, then I'll buy the latest X1 Carbon).


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