The Black Swordsman shows off his skills.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk: 7 Minutes of Gameplay (1080 60FPS)

Berserk 2016 Official Anime Trailer

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  1. There are some different combo patterns for this game just majority of these people just mash Square also just put this game at it hardest difficult its a actual challenge

  2. Anyone who thinks from software can make a berserk game with souls series gameplay is narrow minded.

    The first dev that comes to my mind is the Sony Santa Monica team that made the God Of War series. They're a master at their craft of both storytelling and gameplay. It just fits. Second best would be Platinum games of the original Devil May Cry and Bayonetta fame. And lastly would be Team Ninja of the recent 3D ninja gaiden series.

    But suuuuure, because there were references in his souls/borne series that Miyazaki was a fan of berserk, people jump to the conclusion that he and his team should do it souls/borne style. Not to discredit From Software, though. They're fantastic at their craft at well (with bloodborne being one of my top 5 games of all time). But that style of gameplay does not, in my mind anyway, fit the berserk narrative.

  3. I'd play this, but I think they should have followed the formula of the old ps2/dreamcast game instead of the Warriors formula. Sure Guts kills hundreds of dudes/monsters, but here he will kill hundreds in minutes. And in a kinda less bloody way it seems.
    But the old game seemed better paced, both with actual movement and the combat.

  4. is this a good game if it had not the berserk characters?
    i don't think

    look like the classical below average game that relies entirely on the license

  5. But for real though, the ps2 game already matches most of what we need in a berserk game. If only they'd use it as a base to make something much more awesome today. But oh well, guess we can't have everything. A musou game is ok too.

  6. I always felt that an ideal Berserk Game would be better closer to the Dark Souls format than Dynasty Warriors. Idk, just my thought.

  7. Berserk isn't even at it's best when Guts is killing the cannon fodder, the coolest parts are the huge impossibly strong monsters.

  8. not seeing anything from this game other the gameplay that the average gamer is already familiar with suggest that there's not much else to it

  9. Wich arcs is this covering? Also gameplay looks repetitive and boring and feel like it's missing on important elements of the berserk lore.

  10. I really wish this was being made by ANYONE other than Koei/Tecmo. The PS2 Berserk game looks better than this. If anything, FromSoftware should make a Berserk game since they are obsessed with it in the SoulsBorne franchise. This is just a Dynasty Warriors clone. Why can't you dismember/decapitate your foes? You could do that in the older Berserk games. Unfortunately, I'll still buy this. But I'm not content.

  11. People who say this is just DW game with a skin need to play before the judge first, I played the game, and it has GIANT boss fights, they are pretty challenging as well.
    And there are transformation for 3 characters, there are special items for each character.


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