Astro Pneumatic Self Ratcheting Adjustable 8″ Wrench PN: 9730

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  1. Cool tool, but I was waiting for a different reply. Like: It says it's made in Taiwan, and tools made in Taiwan are usually….. complete shit.

  2. Saw this at O'Reily auto store. I really liked the ratcheting design but I wanted a shorter wrench ,roughly 6 inch. For adjusting fasteners on the fly when at work when you don't want to go dig out the correct box end for something small like putting torque on a moving floor ladder that has come loose or other quick application. Thinking of just getting one and cutting down the handle slight so it fits easier in a pocket or pouch.

  3. Good thorough review d2f. I like this ratcheting tool compared to the original although I've never tried one.. I always found as an ex vehicle technician that with most adjustable spanners (only used whenever another tool wouldn't fit really) that a lot of the time you would have to keep adjusting an adjustable spanner to keep it tight on a nut/bolt head etc, this ratchet version looks to help minimise any backing-off effect that the standard version has.

    Cheers friend



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