Let’s look at how good the Lenovo Yoga Book (Windows) is at creating art. I’ve previously reviewed the Android version so I skipped some parts of the review which you can check out in my other review.

Text review:

Hack to turn Wintab on/off

Android Yoga Book text review:

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  1. I've tried paint tool sai 2 using this. It's quite decent but the downside of the yoga book is the shortcut keys..

  2. What the difference between this and drawing on the screen of the Samsung note tablet 2014 edition? that cost much cheaper, same size, has better resolution of 2k and same pressure sensitive pen tip , is it worth it

  3. In your opinion what's the best laptop/tablet on the market right now for sketching? I'd like to be able to sit at a coffee shop or in bed and sketch some line art to later upload and color on my pc..

  4. Thanks for including Photoshop, I was afraid it would run as slow as my current computer and that's the aspect I'm looking to upgrade.

    Not being able to Ctrl+Z is a HUGE downside as well, wish they put shortcut buttons on the side just like a Wacom.

  5. does this PC has pressure sensitivity on screen? I just received mine and I can't make it work with sensitivity 🙁

  6. They just went cheap with the processor and ram, the windows 10 version while is my fav, will but more hurt because that huge mistake from lenovo. great review thanks.

  7. Hi, I know it's been a while since you made this video, but do you remember where you found the wintab drivers for this device? I'm having trouble getting paint tool sai to detect pressure. Thanks!

  8. Every video I can find regarding Lenovo Yoga Book Windows Version only talk about writing, taking notes, drawing and sketching. Can I install a full office into it and also is it good for Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint?

  9. i am a graphic designer and I make logos, flyers, call cards etc., so my work involves exporting pics as PNG, JPEG, EPS and VECTOR Files. My question is: Can i successfully do these things with the apps available besides Photoshop and Illustrator.
    Thank You.

  10. Im considering to buy one but does the Clip Studio Paint or atleast the Paint Tool Sai can run smoothly on the Yoga Book?(I draw some simple children's illustrations)

  11. I'm sorry if you mention it in the video, does it come with a writing program like Word? I'm mainly going to use it for writing so that's very important to me.

  12. Hello! Thank you very much for the review! I want to know.. is the Adonit jot pro pen stylus can be used smoothly in the upper part of the Yoga Book (Android)? Because I kinda considering buying this tablet, but want to know if I'll be able to draw in both surfaces.. Thanks before.

  13. Thank you so much for such review! i was interested particularly in work in photoshop and found the answers in your video. it would be such a great mobile solution. but unfortunately lags and RAM and absence of keyboard won't let it happen..

  14. I want this , but I want to know if the softwares are full functioning , I mean , is this 100% windows laptop ,like a real windows 10 laptop or is something missing (thought this because this laptop is unbelievably inexpensive)


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