You can get these skins by buying them directly from store or by drop from: Mystery Skin,Mystery Gift and Hextech Chest.
The missing skin (King Rammus) was “Special Event” and it can’t be bought anymore.

Rammus Skins:
● Chrome Rammus ➞750 RP
● Molten Rammus ➞975 RP
● Freljord Rammus ➞520 RP
● Ninja Rammus ➞975 RP
● Full Metal Rammus ➞975 RP
● Guardian of the Sands Rammus ➞975 RP
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. fucking riot, need to updates all those skins man… Ninja rammus is 975 RP and doesn't have effects, come on

  2. Sweeper Rammus is the best, you can't change my mind, cute recall, precious animation on Q as a soccer ball, awesome animation on the spikes in the W, funny E

  3. It would have been cool if they gave Guardian of the Sands a different death animation where he crumbles into a pile of sand or if they gave Full Metal Rammus a death animation where he crumbles into metal scraps.

  4. full metal is smaller than the other. The Sand one has the best backing animation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  5. i don't understand why at the same price of 975 there are so many difference on quality, Ninja 0 changes, Molten have only a little fire particles on Q, Sands have a different visual on Q but standard R, and then metal at 975 have 3 skills upgraded


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