The Realm of the Dead? More like the Realm of Shit

Welcome to Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon! In this video will be going over the Tale of the Dragon DLC for Age of Mythology. This will be a Let`s Play of the Tale of the Dragon Campaign. This expansion pack adds in the Chinese civilization into the game bringing along new gods and new myth units into the game.

Campaign Playlist :

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  1. sad for the azure dragon, a real dragon from east sea of china should able to fly in sky like nidhogg and then able to dive in the deep sea, the way they design it as a land unit is really BAD, it suppose to attack like a snake strong bite with tail wipe and claws

  2. It’s silly to have the Greek stuff, but is it really so bad? I mean the fall of the trident campaign threw Greek shit into the Egyptian and Norse settings all the time. (Granted the antagonist was a big Greek cyclops and they were his minions, but still)

  3. Yo dude, really damn good series, enjoying the gameplay a ton from you since you have that innate sense of humor and overall sense of entertainment. Really sorry to see all these morons criticizing your videos.

  4. … couldn't Yama have avoided that whole ordeal if he just told them to go summon Pangu right out the gate?

  5. This level is bullshit, as in 3 enemy infantry spawn at once and if you take too long, an army steam rolls you, if you attack the nearest town, the west side of the map comes in with an army, if you attack west side, east side attacks and there isnt enough time to build an army, also it saids killing enemies brings in allied forces……….. question, where are these allies I killed numerous of hte enemies yet I got steam rolled

  6. Ok I have to ask. The Griffin that appeared at 33.06 in this campaign level. Is there anyway to find it or was just a fluke for this level? I couldn't find it on editor and I played this level a couple of times with no luck at all in finding it. Seriously where the hell is the Griffin?

  7. Wait so there is actually a Griffin in the game now. I wonder if it can be trained maybe by the Greeks or Atlantians or if its only available in the editor?

  8. what da hek….the chinese dont have walls?……..WHAAAATTTT??????
    Nevermind i realised that they do after i looked at the build card…archers n ranged myth are necessary to beat campaign and having walls to hide behind makes the myth units less of a hassle to deal with…works great in the regular campaign but this dlc campaign should be called tale of turtling

  9. when you started calling the game a dino i just skipt to the end just stop playing it if you dont like it


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