Jiao-Long and Shun must destroy a mountain fortress in order to reach Zhi’s temple.


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  1. @theviper, I really wanted to see you research the myth upgrade in the tc that makes villagers be created faster, it is insane

  2. I honestly never even knew this expansion existed. Shows how little support this game got after The Titan's expansion 😥

  3. fire lances seems like powerfull specialist units, kinda like the atlantean destroyers but with obviuosly diferent rols in the army

  4. The converting only works if you have population space. Also it looks like it gets copied to your upgrades. Lastly in the underworld mission you can convert a wild griffin. It's the only time you ever get to control one, do it!

  5. Dying to hear your voice.
    Can you comment about the DE showmatch at ECL and talk about how you think the Tartars and Bulgarians are in the game, maybe in your stream.
    Congrats man.


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