ADJ Lighting’s Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis. Each model in the range features four individual modules, which are front and rear serviceable, making it ideal for both temporary hanging and permanent wall mounting. The modules are all mounted to the same frame, allowing panels of different resolutions to be used together and meaning that the same rigging bar and road case can be used for all VS models. The panels feature in-built corner protectors as well as an innovative setup mechanism featuring magnets that can be used to temporarily connect two units together, allowing users to let go of the panel to free their hands to engage the secure latching system on the rear. This means that a single user can install a full wall of Vision Series panels singlehandedly. The VS Series will launch with three panel models. The VS5 offers a 5.95mm pixel pitch, the VS3 has a 3.91mm pixel pitch and the VS2 offers the highest resolution in the range with a 2.97mm pixel pitch. All panels feature the highest quality LEDs for crisp, clear output and offer a brightness of 1000 NITS and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz. The VS Series is completed by the VSFC8 flight case, a robust wheeled road trunk designed to transport and protect up to 8 panels, and the VSRB1 rigging bar, which can be used to vertically hang or ground stack up to 20 VS panels.


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  1. He esperado todo el video para nada,no se mostra el producto en funcionamiento,se empeñan en mostrar a maquinaria pero se olvidaran de ponerlo en función, para q se pudiera hacer una idea.,Yo que procure este material en Estados Unidos,me anime en ver el video,pero …… Vamos! No vi nada.allí me cobran 13.500 $ Dólares, por eso vine a por este video,para ver precio (se posible) y ver la calidad del material ,pero….2 min. Para ni siquiera se molestaren en ponerlo al solo,para q se pudiera ver. Perderán una excelente oportunidad de divulgar su producto.


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