How to add a 2nd HDD or SSD to a Lenovo ThinkPad W510, W520, W530, W700, W710, T510, T420, T430, T510, T520, T530 using a HDD caddy / adapter module. This caddy will work with SATA 2.5″ HDD or SSD up to 12.5mm in height. The caddy is 12.7mm in height and is designed to work with Thinkpad Ultrabays that are 12.7mm high such as the Lenovo T420, T520, W510, W520, W700, W710. Compare to 0A65623. Compare to Serial ATA III adapters.

We have a different caddy for the T420s. The T420s uses a slimmer 9.5mm 2nd HDD caddy.


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  1. Will this enable (with proper drive selection) setting up a RAID? I really have no use for a secondary drive unless it can be configured into a RAID.

  2. I wish my Sony Vaio was up for this. Those sons of b@tches connect the DVD writer to a SATA 1…SATA freakin 1. Sure, you can add the drive but this huge bottleneck is screwing things up.

  3. What next? My Lenovo T410 2nd HDD does not show in in the "Computer" window ONLY in the 1 Bios; 2. "Device Manager" In other words I cannot access the 2nd HDD that has folders and files stored.

  4. If you have a 7mm SSD, you will need rubber spacers and caddy that fit a 7mm drive for the primary drive bay of your W520

  5. Hi!
    I have a W520 and I want to replace my DVD drive with an SSD and use that alongside my 500GB HDD that's already installed.
    I did purchase a caddy like you show-directly from Lenovo, and I will have a 7mm thick SSD [=Samsung 840 Pro] and I wanted to know if the Caddy is all you need to achieve that?
    I remember something about extra stuff you need to purchase, like spacers [for the fact the SSD is so thin], or brackets to install on the SSD's sides.
    Whaddya think? :]

  6. Yes, definitely. That's what a lot of users are doing–SSD as the boot and applications drive in the primary bay, original HDD in the caddy as the data drive.

  7. If just installing a hard drive as a data drive, no BIOS changes needed.

    If you want to use the 2nd drive as the boot drive, you could select it in the BIOS "boot sequence".

    If you are installing a SSD, you may have to update the BIOS.

  8. Yes, it supports SATA3. It will support the maximum speed your SATA controller in the optical drive bay will support. thanks!

  9. So when i buy the crucial m4 with either 7 or 9.5 millimiters. I can put the old hdd without anything additional into that ultrabay slot? Is it possible to move the system internally or do i need some external adapter to move windows from the hdd to the ssd?


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