How to add a 2nd HDD or SSD to a Lenovo ThinkPad T410s / T420s / T430s laptop’s Ultrabay. Compare to 43n3412. This is done by replacing the optical DVD drive with a 2nd HDD caddy via the optical drive bay (also known as the Ultrabay in Thinkpads) Note that this is for the slim “s” version. There is a different caddy for the T420 and T430 (compare to the 0A65623). The T420s and T430s uses a caddy that is 9.5mm in height. The T420 and T430 use a caddy that is 12.7mm in height.
Here’s a link to the 2nd HDD caddy adapter for the T410s, T420s, and T430s


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  1. lIKE what I wanted to know is how you remove the dvd drive. That's the most important step and you left it out.

  2. Thanks for this. I just bought an offbrand Caddy and I didn't realize that the screws were supposed to go on the bottom to secure the drive. I totally just used an old SSD spacer to hold the drive into place, but screws would be much better.

  3. i dont know if im a idiot, but when i got the harddrive and the caddy ready plugged into the computer and then when i press the power button its views blackscreen, no bios prompt no windows just black but the screen will light up, when i took out the caddy the laptop started up fine it booted into windows and works, then i tried again and did the same

    btw. specs are here i dont know the model so
    Lenovo T420s
    Intel Core i7 2620M Dual-Core 2.7 GHz
    8GB Ram (original lenovo)
    Nvidia NVS 4200M / Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Nvidia Optimus
    Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from windows 7 pro)
    and intel ssd (also original from lenovo)

  4. So how do you get the computer to recognize that HDD in the ultrabay? I have 3 of those caddies and none of them work apparently as I have yet to get the computer to recognize that there's a drive in the bay. If I put the DVD burner back in, it recognizes it, but doesn't recognize the 2nd hard drive.

    This video is totally pointless, it should have explained how to actually get the 2nd drive to work.

  5. If I replace the optical drive with a second HDD and later need to use the optical drive is OK to remove the second HDD and install the optical drive while the laptop is powered on, like you would with an external HDD or external optical drive?

  6. If it is a new drive, you will have to format and partition the drive to see it as a drive in My Computer. Thanks

  7. hi, I got your ultrabay and put the bios recognizes it I think, but I can't see it in My Computer. What do I do?

  8. Hello facetoface1102, the maximum HDD SSD height you can install is 9.5mm. The 7mm drives will also work / fit in the caddy. Thanks!

  9. Impressive. I have some of NewModeUS's products and can only say good things about them. Well made products, sturdy, and very reliable.


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