In this video, we will discuss some of the points to look out for when buying an older X220 Thinkpad. Most of these principles apply to other computers in the Thinkpad family as well. Expect to see more videos in this series.

If you have any questions about the X220 series, please ask them in the comments below. This machine will end up being a Linux machine.

I will have a separate video shortly showing how to test X220 batteries using Linux.

As of the publishing of this video, a decent asking price for these machines is $250-$350 CAD depending on condition and what is included.

Looking for the product featured in this video? Always try to buy locally for the best deals, but if you cannot find one, you can try these Amazon links below. Purchases made through these links help support the channel.
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  1. got an x220t in decent condition and with 8gb ram, 160gb intel ssd, a chicony keyboard and a 3g modem for 60 bucks!

  2. 2020: my newly bought x220 has a 44++ 9-cell battery which apparently 96.6% of the initial capacity (or at least this is what tlp wants me to believe)

  3. I must’ve left Ableton live on and thus the screen saver didn’t activate. Now I’ve got a 6×6 burnt image on screen.

  4. I use an x220 with an SSD as a server for my home network, it runs Ubuntu with virtual machines, domoticz, and a small Minecraft server for my son. It has build-in UPS because of the battery and it runs with very little power consumption. All I have changed is the SSD and used 1 USB port to power a large silent fan that sits underneath the slightly raised x220 to cool it from the bottom the give the laptops own fans a little less work. It's a great little low powered server with its mobile i7 CPU.

  5. For 2019, how much is it in your country online platform now?

    How much did you pay for if u ever did buy one in 2019 Please state ur country, platform and spec, price. Thanks!

  6. I got one of these on eBay in 2013 for £120 including delivery. One of the best buys of my life. Stuck in an SSD a couple of years ago, and I still use it daily in 2019.

  7. I have an i7 x220 I added an msata 256 gb ssd, 7200rpm HD 500gb?, and it’s got 12 gig ram. Sadly I opted for the crappy display when I ordered it from Lenovo. I still use it today as my main laptop. Battery is wank but that’s ok. I’m not buying a new as it’s too expensive in relation to the x220s value.

    Oh, and I cracked the plastic thing across the top of the screen using it at work. One of my students was pissing about with it. So it’s a bit wonky on the top right. Aside from that it does everything I need it to do.


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