Growing up is scary. But what if the things that scare you most aren’t even true and you’ve been afraid for no reason? Let’s bust 5 of the most horrifying myths about adulthood that you probably still believe!

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  1. I just found this channel today and I'm just binge watching. I'm turning 18 in a few months and have had extreme anxiety about a lot of things that are on this channel because my family isn't exactly qualified to teach me any of this stuff so thank u for easing my panic a bit lol

  2. Because I never found a career I felt I could reasonably do for a long period of time after graduation, I decided to choose one that I could somewhat enjoy until I found out what I really want to do that could 1) help me pay off my college debt after graduation and 2) support my efforts to go back to school part-time after paying off said debt. Making this decision has left me with a surprisingly positive outlook on the (possibly temporary) career path I have chosen and I've found myself enjoying my classes immensely. It is very true that you will not be doing the same thing forever!! My own parents have been through a few job transitions since they've had me, and they both have college degrees! The idea that life is set in stone is more terrifying than constant change.Thank you so much for addressing this!

  3. Thank you for letting me know about Impostor Syndrome, I didn't realize how common these feelings were.

  4. My question is who allowed me to adult? I literally ate a fruit roll up as my lunch at work today, I don't deserve this title and I would very much like to return it please.

  5. Are you not allowed to cry to your mommy anymore? Obviously don't let them solve all your problems but talking to them during a hard time is okay right?

  6. Thankyou guys – I needed to be reminded again at 38 ☺ I cope a lot of Bridget Jones like judgement dinners with family/friends… asking things like "So where's yooour boyfriend then?…"

  7. I did my taxes for the first time this year and apart from having to ask my parents what on earth some of the terms meant (ok, all of the terms) it was alright. A huge bonus is that I'm actually getting more in my tax return than what I actually paid in tax this year!! (It's because of the way I pay for heath insurance, I think.) Oh, but don't leave it to the second last day before the deadline like I did… that was a bad decision 😛

  8. I got this off twitter but regarding one of those "Don't compare your behind the scenes to others' highlight reels."

  9. What the hell was that ending and how did Emma not fall onto the camera's viewpoint laughing when you did it?!

  10. I'd like a video on how to get out of debt and/or manage medical bills. Not sure if you've done one on this already and I'm watching the Financial Diet, but yea.

    Anyway, you're awesome!

    I definitely wanna put emphasis on the point of western culture and success. Once I got it out of my head that I don't NEED to be big or famous to be happy, I started enjoying the awesome successes in my own life more.

  11. Adulthood myth: In order to be a "real" adult, you have to give up everything that's fun, work a terrible job, complain about stuff, and completely give up on childhood dreams in order to make it in the "real" world. Also anything that expresses wonder or childlike engagement is absolutely taboo as a "real" adult because no one will take you seriously. (This one come from personal experience, from personal family members. :< )

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. The first myth about organ donation is actually one that I had fallen for in the past!

  13. This is positive and reassuring, but a tiny note. While your life isn't set in stone, its kind of set in a non set cement because of money and lack of socioeconomic mobility. Hey I'm cheery.

  14. hey howtoadult, could you do an episode on making huge scary life decisions? like picking a school (or to not go to school), moving somewhere far away, having a child, running away to sail the world, or anything else huge and risky like that?

  15. Seriously needed this today. They told me not to major in English and I did it anyway. Where are all the jobs hiding.

  16. But like, what if you don't have the resources to get new education, and thus a new job and stuff. It's hard to believe your life doesn't get written in stone

  17. How many times did you fall out of your chair while doing takes for that "Back away, back away…" bit before you got it right? xD

  18. Scary adulthood thing that I'm kind of going through right now and is…probably not a myth (though admittedly I'm viewing it from a biased first-person perspective): it's hard to get a job that you're qualified to do while in a housing situation you can afford. So as a university graduate with zero experience, the jobs I'm actually qualified to do are…severely limited. And all I want is a couple of years' experience both to have a stronger application to start a PhD and also so that I can feel more comfortable and experienced with lab techniques. So moving out of my mother's home to get a very temporary job with low pay is not really feasible, but nothing relatively local (and I'm considering a maximum of 90 minutes travel time each way) seems to be appearing so…

    So yeah, unemployment is a terrifying non-myth about adulthood…but probably not permanent, you just need to broaden your horizon, think about different places to apply to and keep trying. Sooner or later one of the places you apply to will be happy to take in someone with no work experience.

  19. This is my new go-to video for when I'm feeling down. For some reason your energy in this video makes me happy.

  20. Thanks for the reassurance on that organ donor one! I remember getting my first drivers licence and my mom convinced me to not check the organ donor section because of that myth. After some consideration, I actually really wanted to be an organ donor but realized my mom had convinced me with a myth! I'll have to renew it soon so as long as I don't die soon I'll get on that organ donor list soon 😀


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