Many of us rely on marketing software to do our jobs or make our lives easier, quicker or to get better results.

In this video I explain 5 (but really 7) of the marketing software tools I couldn’t live without in my business. I explain what we use each piece of software for, why we have chosen that particular brand and why we couldn’t live without them.

Please let me know what software you couldn’t live without in the comments below.

Shout out to all the amazing software mentioned in this video:

**Marketing Automation Software**
Autopilot HQ –
We’ve used Autopilot now for a couple of years and we couldn’t be more happy with it. Firstly it has an awesome user interface. You drag and drop triggers, actions and conditions into a canvas. These items let you set up simple journeys all the way through to extremely large and complex campaigns. For us, Autopilot just makes sure we’re sending the right information to the right people at the right time. It works seamlessly so WE can concentrate on planning and executing amazing lead flows and nurture campaigns.

**Analytics Software**
Google Analytics –
Google Analytics is our workhorse. It tracks everything that happens on our site, where users come from and also how that translates back to revenue as it’s integrated with our Salesforce account as well.

Heap Analytics –
On the other hand, Heap Analytics lets us drill down into our data on a person by person basis. Heap is SO amazing as it tracks every click, event or action on our website and it also works retroactively. That means that if we think of a dataset we’d like to query, within a few clicks we have the information from the past as well as the data it collects in the future.

**SEO Software**
Ahrefs –
ahrefs is an amazing tool for SEO. This is our go-to software that helps us understand keywords, content and SEO performance of our sites. We track hundreds of keywords in the ahrefs rank tracker so we can see how the content we create impacts our rankings. We find new keywords to target using the ahrefs keyword explorer, content explorer, link intersect and domain comparison tool. And, we use the site explorer to dive into detail about how our site and our competitors sites are performing.

JotForm –
Jotform powers our on page forms. It’s really easy to use and super robust. It gives us a ton of options and loads of flexibility.

Privy –
Along side Jotform, we use Privy for our pop up forms. We don’t like to make things intrusive for people so we don’t do a lot of automatic pop ups. But what we we have seen is an increase in form fills when people don’t have to go from one page to another page just to fill out a form. So we use Privy to overlay forms rather than send people to another page.

**Landing Page Software**
Instapage –
In my opinion Instapage is the best landing page software available. It’s straightforward to use, comes with a ton of great looking templates and connects to other software we use seamlessly. They also regularly add new features and integrations to make the software better. We’ve created over 40 landing pages that have generated us thousands of leads over the last few years. It’s also super impressive that our average conversion rate based on all the pages we’ve created using Instapage is a massive 39%. We’ve also managed to generate over 1,000 conversions from a single page with a 52% conversion rate. Pretty impressive to say the least. And I’d certainly recommend checking Instapage out for your landing pages.


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